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Contact us for a free wildlife inspection

Contact us today and an Orlando Wildlife Technician will inspect your home for nuisance wildlife, possible open entry points and any damage that may have been caused by the furry invaders.

Orlando Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Affordable Critter Solutions specializes in humanely removing nuisance wildlife from Orlando homes and businesses. We take care of dead animals like squirrels, bats or rats that may have died inside your home. We also perform animal trapping as necessary and humanely relocate the unwanted animals. Our wildlife control specialists take care of any issues you might have including, bats, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons and many more.
Once the nuisance animals are removed, we begin the process of sealing up your home, so they don’t return. Identifying where the wildlife entered your home and having the knowledge and resources needed to keep them out is key. Rats can enter a building through a hole as small as a quarter, so experience is vital.

Now that the wildlife has been removed and all entry points sealed, we can start with the clean-up and restoration. We are not just wildlife technicians but also residential and commercial construction experts. We will repair or replace any damaged wood, chewed wiring or damaged ducts and replace any insulation that has been ruined by the wildlife nests. In short, we will return your home or business back to its pristine condition.

In Orlando one of the most common issues is from rats that have taken up residence in your attic. Rats can spread disease so it’s important that if you hear scratching noises coming from your walls or attic you call us immediately for a free inspection.
The same goes for bats. In Orlando, Bats will commonly find a way inside your home’ walls or attic and roost there during the day. At night they go do their feeding only to return the next morning. In some cases, we’ve removed bat colonies that numbered in the thousands of bats. This many bats can do an extreme amount of damage to your home if not taken care of quickly.
Squirrels will also find a way into your home and cause damage. Our cute, furry little friend are a joy to have outside your home, but once they have found a way inside it’s a different story.

Whether you have raccoons in your eaves or attic, squirrels in your walls or crawl spaces or just suspect the presence of wildlife through a dusky smell inside your home, we’re the ones to call.
Affordable Critter Solutions is just that, Affordable. Our company is family owned and operated. We live in Central Florida and are very passionate about keeping our neighbor’s homes free from unwanted, dangerous wildlife. Contact us today to learn how we can quickly and professionally solve your nuisance wildlife problem.