Hurricanes & Protecting Your Home From Displaced Wildlife

Hurricane season is quickly approaching, now is the time to start preparing. You have your list of supplies that you will need in the event of a hurricane. You’ve covered yourself as far as a generator, extra gas, water, duct tape and so on. But what about preparing the outside of your home? This is as important as well. After a hurricane wildlife is often displaced and their food supply has been interrupted.

The first thing we want to do is to clean up any debris that is around your home. If there is no hurricane in sight go ahead and do your pruning now, just as long as you have time to dispose of any yard waste. Have a plan for outdoor furniture, grills, potted plants, outdoor antennas or anything else that may become dislodged in high winds.

Locate your garage door supports and go ahead and install them as a trial run. Make certain you have all the tools and hardware needed to protect your home, as Garage Doors can be vulnerable to high winds.

Just as importantly, walk around the outside of your home looking for any possible entry points that squirrels, rats or raccoons could get through. After a hurricane wildlife can lose their habitat and go in search of a new place to live, we don’t want that to be your attic.

If you have questions regarding keeping the wildlife out of your home after a hurricane, give us a call, we’re happy to assist. We are family owned and operated and are standing by to help. 407-947-8982