Wildlife Removal Technicians Wear Many Hats

The job of a professional wildlife technician is much broader than many people realize. Not only do we have to know and understand the nesting habits of multiple different species of wildlife. We must also have in-depth knowledge of residential and commercial construction.

Correctly Identifying the Animal

When affordable Critter Solutions hits a job site, we first determine if there is indeed a wildlife intrusion issue. Once we see there is a problem, we then must be able to identify the particular animal that has taken up residence. Rats are quite different from Raccoons and each has the correct method of removal. This is not a one-size-fits-all fix.

Wildlife Entry Points

Once the wildlife has been removed from the home, we must very carefully look for the entry points the animals used in the first place. Once found, our job title switches from Animal Trapper to Residential Construction Manager. We must be able to expertly repair the holes used to gain entrance, often making the repair stronger than the original construction!

Wildlife Clean-Up

Now that the wildlife is gone and they can’t get back in, phase 3 starts. Clean-up. Correctly repairing damage left behind is vital to a healthy home. Urine soaked insulation, chewed ducts and damaged wiring are just a few of the problems we routinely encounter.

Affordable Critter Solutions is a family owned and locally operated business. We live and work right here in Orlando servicing neighbors with wildlife problems. We have the resources and experience needed to solve wildlife intrusion problems without the big overhead of the national franchises.
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