Customer Testimonials

Dirk has worked in our home a couple times. He is honest, professional and reliable. We were very pleased with the services that he provided, so I recommend him highly.
N. Doyle
Orlando, Florida

We not only thank you for the good job you did but also thank you for your kind and professional approach to our situation. Your partners were equal kind and understanding, helpful and trustworthy. After all the work you did to bring us peace of mind, it was sincerely appreciated, especially dealing with the insurance company and being here when they arrived to assess the situation.
L. Harvey
Windermere, Florida

We have a home in Kenansville, Florida, and every other animal removal company I called before I reached you told me it was too far to come. Few homeowners have the skill, courage, and equipment to crawl under a house, find and remove a dead or live animal, fix damage animals create, and seal the home from future intruders. We had both a dead and live ‘possum problem and it’s not pleasant. Your estimate was accurate, your price was reasonable, and the work was done quickly and skillfully. I’m very pleased with the service and price and would highly recommend Affordable Critter Solutions to anyone needing such service.
J. Haynie
St. Cloud, Florida

What a great job! Dirk was working on another roof in the area and noticed the tell-tale signs of raccoons having entered my roof, shortly after the roof began leaking badly. Dirk worked with me and our insurance company to make sure that the repairs were made correctly. He advised me how to use plastic sheeting to help keep the rain out of our home; and helped me to get the proper permits from the county (something I had never done before) His team showed up on time and worked through the day to ensure my roof would not leak at the end of each day. They set traps (catching two raccoons –one very large–and an opossum) without harming the animals and then relocating them. They sealed the skirting to make sure no animals could get under the house. They replaced the A/C vents under and in the attic, again making sure that proper methods were used. They even placed a temporary junction under the house and returned to replace it with the correct junction.All of the attic insulation required replacement; making it necessary to remove all of the roof vase plywood. Dirk recommended a superior roofing tile, which I decided to use (it was a minor cost difference).The only unfortunate thing was the WEATHER delay (two weeks of storms). But Dirk and his team came to the house and replaced the plastic covering the roof to help ensure any roof leaks would be minimum (there were none for that two weeks of storms). Thanks again, for the wonderful and extensive job!
W. Rhodes
Winter Garden, Florida

I want you to know that the raccoons have not returned, so presume that those you caught did the job. I want to thank you for your quick response to my requests, cages empty or need to remove those caught. I was impressed with everyone who came to my house, they were pleasant and helpful, great service.
Pauline Troy
Longwood, Florida

“I am writing to commend and recommend the services of Affordable Critter Solutions. I have used them to remove a family of raccoons from my attic; and I am completely satisfied. They do an excellent job with repair and restoration, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates.
They have done exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. While I hope I will not need their services again, I know that I can rely on them in the event that I do.
Thank you Affordable Critter Solutions. You guys are amazing! ”
Amanda Saenz
Orange City, Florida

Thank you for being so efficient and very humane.
Sheldon T.
Altamonte Springs, Fl.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Thank you to your crew they were very nice. I appreciate and I am very grateful for everything you have done for me.
Sonia R.
Orlando, FL

Just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know what a great job you did for us on our property located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Affordable Critter Solutions was recommended to us by an adjuster that had worked with you previously and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Due to the faulty installation of a satellite dish an opening was created which resulted in a roof rat infestation. After hiring 2 exterminators that failed to eliminate the roof rats, we also had several companies come out and decline our business due to the difficulty in accessing the attic space. During your initial inspection, you were much more thorough in your assessment of the problem and it really opened my eyes to just how bad the situation had become. In addition to chewing holes to allow multiple access points, the rats also compromised nearly every one of our A/C ducts by chewing through the insulation. Not only did you finally stop the infestation, your company also was very meticulous during the remediation process. In addition, your crew was able to completely repair and replace all of the damage done to the A/C ducts and replaced all of the insulation. Due to the extent of the damage and the high dollar amount to do all the repairs, you also worked with us on the overall price of the job. I was expecting to have to pay several companies to get all the work done but you turned out to be a one stop shop. You were able to deliver on the timeline you proposed which allowed the A/C to be back online again basically overnight. I would highly recommend your company to anyone that has a minor or major infestation. Simply the best in the business.
Dennis Lynch
Deerfield Beach, FL

Dirk’s thoroughness in addressing the major animal problems we had in our attic was unsurpassed by other similar companies and he exceeded our expectations.
Seth Lytle

I recently had a large armadillo problem causing extensive lawn damage. I called Affordable Critter Solutions to trap the armadillos. A technician came out the same day and set multiple traps. The next morning the first of four armadillos were caught. I called each morning and a technician was out promptly and removed the trap and set another trap. Affordable Critter Solutions is an excellent and professional company to deal with.
Edward Carter
Oviedo, Florida

Thank you for your quick response to my concern about a neighborhood raccoon. Scott was here and they checked the house and the attic and I do not have any unwanted visitors, he assured me that they cannot get into the attic any longer. He did close up the excluder door that allowed the raccoon to vacate but not return. I would recommend your company if anyone wants a reference.
Alice Davis-Kelley
Fort Myers, Florida

Dirk was very prompt to come out when I had major raccoon damage to the underside of my roof. He was very knowledgeable and quick to help me trap the raccoon responsible. With his help and guidance, we trapped the raccoon on the 2nd night! He then was able to repair the damage both to the exterior of my roof, and to the interior of my attic. He went the extra step to advise me on how to better seal other parts of my roof so it won’t happen again. And will keep squirrels out too. No problems since! I definitely recommend Dirk and his services!

Dirk’s recommendation to me came from my neighbors who were extremely satisfied with his service. Our unique situation was addressed and fixed due to Dirk’s diligent work at our site and his follow-up with us and our insurance company. In fact if it had not been for him we would have experienced much higher expenses in fixing the problem. He was great in follow up 6 months later when we had another non related problem that he quickly addressed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Dr. William Grisaitis

Dirk came highly regarded in reviews of his work, and he lived up to his reputation. I would, if ever needed, hire his services again. He took care of our house as if it were his own.
Tom May

I couldn’t have been more pleased with Affordable Critter Solutions. What I liked about them is if they said they would be here a certain day or certain time, they were here. That doesn’t always happen here in Florida. Every one was very respectful and got the work done. I thought they had a very good work ethic. Dirk Newham or his wife were always available by phone and when here, Dirk answered all my questions.
They worked well with my insurance company and things moved along very swiftly. I highly recommend Affordable Critter Solutions.
Mary Anne Carstensen

Our experience with Affordable Critter Solutions was very positive, The technicians responded to our animal invasion in a professional and experienced manner. They presented us with our service options with costs for each choice. Dirk personally handled many of the insurance issues, personally speaking with our adjuster and sending him photos of the damage, documenting the validity of our claim.
The actual restoration was done efficiently and neatly with no inconvenience to us.The technicians were polite and respectful of our property; they went above and beyond the stated scope of the repair, adding extra cautionary services to insure that the repair would be comprehensive and long-lasting.
Our only suggestion would be for the technicians to give customers an accurate estimated arrival time, with notifications if that time needed to be adjusted. We would like to emphasize how pleased we were with the overall service, skill and knowledge of Affordable Critter Solutions, and we would highly recommend them for any type of animal invasion issue.
Homeowner, The Villages, Florida

I was extremely happy with the work Affordable Critter Solutions did for us on our home in The Villages, Florida. We had an animal problem in our attic and the work was addressed promptly, professionally and correctly. Everything was taken care of to our satisfaction. I’m very pleased with the professional manner and the quality of work done by Affordable Critter Solutions We had an animal problem and all the work was done quickly and correctly. All of the personnel were very easy and friendly to deal with. All personnel were courteous and our home was left in a very clean state. Thank You Much
John B.

They rescued a baby squirrel from a gutter downspout and inspected the attic and exterior for trouble spots which we may have them attend to. These guys definitely deserve more positive reviews–they’re awesome! Their business description says they value customer service and I feel that is definitely true. They were very busy yet they were able to squeeze in some time to come rescue the baby squirrel trapped in my gutter downspout. They arrived in half an hour as they said, freed the little squirrel in a kind fashion and took him so that he could have a little time to dry off and regroup before being released back into the wild. They walked the house with me, identifying trouble spots, scoped out the attic and got on the roof to inspect up there as well. They even took the time to kindly answer some unrelated questions about which the owner has expertise. I was very grateful for their prompt and professional help. If we go ahead with the additional preventative measures yet to be quoted, I will update my post–but for now, I must say, I am impressed with the service and expertise they provide and would definitely recommend!!
Melanie S.
Longwood, Florida

We recently had a raccoon move into our attic and give birth to her young. We retained a local trapper, who trapped the mother and removed a baby from an interior wall. She did considerable damage to our soffits and the screens of our lanai & pool area during her break in and trips out for food. In addition, she packed down and soiled the insulation throughout the entire attic. Insulation is a big issue here in Southwest Florida and this has major implications for our energy costs.
A local trapper recommended Affordable Critter Solutions to assess the damage, although they are located in Orlando. They were highly recommended and the urgency had passed; so, I gave them a call. Dirk Newham promptly came to our house and assessed the situation. He surveyed the entire attic area although it had to be over 120 degrees. He spent a couple hours photographing all of the damage. In a couple of days, he made a thoroughly documented proposal. The estimated cost was more than I expected, but so was the damage. There was no disputing what had to be done, because of his thorough documentation. In addition to repair and decontamination, his proposal included sealing all possible areas of entry by anything as big as a mouse, and a three year warranty. Due to the professional quality of his proposal, my insurance company authorized the whole thing in two days. (Tower Hill Insurance gets a positive recommendation also.)
I have since learned that Affordable Critter Solutions has a trapper located in the local area. I have talked with him and was positively impressed with him as well.
The repairs, removal and replacement of insulation, clean up, securing the house, rescreening of our lanai and front porch took four days. They had as many as five men working at one time. Everything was done completely and professionally. They even installed three attic vents I supplied without charge. Scott, the on-scene project manager, was here the entire time, overseeing everything and doing a lot of the work himself. He is pleasant and knowledge of all aspects of the project from trapping to clean up.
We are quite pleased with the results. Our house is in better shape than it was before the raccoon moved in and we have a three year warranty. Thanks to Affordable Critter Solutions and Tower Hill Insurance, a very bad situation has had a positive final outcome.
Donald Gilbert

When I was hearing strange and loud noises in my attic I contacted Affordable Critter Solutions after finding their website. I had already contacted the county animal control, who was no help and another company who never showed up to provide me an estimate. When I talked to Dirk at Affordable Critter Solutions, he was professional and came out very quickly to see what was running around in my attic (it sounded like horses at night). After examining the attic, he basically said I had squirrels, raccoons, possibly possums etc in my attic… ick! I knew this was going to be expensive because not only did the animals have to be removed, but the entire perimeter of the house had to be examined to figure out how they got in and then repaired. In addition, they had ruined all insulation which all had to be pulled out and new insulation installed. Dirk helped me deal with my insurance company, who initially told me I was not covered for this situation. But Dirk told me exactly what to do and the Insurance Company then paid all but the deductible.
After the work was done, I did hear a little noise and Dirk and his crew came back out to determine where the additional access point was and they fixed it. I think I am now free of unwanted visitors in my attic.
Thanks Dirk, for a job very well done and all the help getting the insurance company to pay.
Pat White
Apopka, Florida

Two years ago Dirk and his crew helped us with Raccoons that had taken over our attic. He was reliable and knowledgeable. He explained exactly what he needed to do and completed the task of removing three very large raccoons from our attic along with repairing the attic and roof to be as good as new. We live right next to a conservation area so we knew it was important that the repairs be done well, so that we wouldn’t have future ‘visitors’. We’ve had two cold winters since and no problems with anything. Dirk not only removes and repairs, but also cleans up after the job is done. As much as I hope we don’t have this issue again, I am comforted to know we can call Affordable Critters Solutions if we need them.
Patti and Rob Thue
Oviedo, Florida

It’s now the second time that we called on Dirk’s Affordable Critter Solutions. His service was prompt, efficient and any questions that we had regarding critters, were answered with knowledge so that we knew what animals we were dealing with. The traps were set, the critters were caught and it took only one phone call to have them removed. His fees are very compatible and I thanked the Seminole County Animal Control for having recommended him to us.
Ingrid Hellender
Longwood, Florida

Dirk did an outstanding and very professional job in cleaning up after the raccoons were removed. He removed the feces, disinfected the attic, added new insulation and added one way portals to prevent the further intrusion of rats and raccoons. We were very pleased with the work.
Thank You,
Morton Fleishman

I contracted Affordable Critter Solutions to take care of animals in my attic and to replace insulation. From the beginning to end everything was handled in a professional manner. What I really liked was the communication between both parties. Clean up was excellent and I didn’t have to say anything. Congratulations on a job well done.
Guy & Patricia Jones
Windermere, Florida

Our expressed appreciation for the generated care and professionalism accessed from you. Your directed attention to our problem, coupled to follow up service, certainly accessed comfort and confidence to a difficult circumstance. Your excellent documentation to the problem created easy claim to our home owners insurance. Our biggest thanks definitely is extended in that you further treated to eliminate the causation….thus NO return for the “critter” problems as a real “solution.”
Chas Gill
Winter Park, Florida

It is with honesty & great pleasure to express our wonderful, fair priced and considerate experience in a nerve racking situation. Dirk & his crew worked diligently to restore order to our household. They were unobtrusive and VERY tidy. I have referred him to others and know they have had the same results. I can wholeheartedly say if the need should ever arise again, we will call him IMMEDIATELY!!
John & Helen Fischer
Winter Springs, FL.

Thanks very much for all your help and the professional work done on our property in St. Cloud.
Mr. & Mrs. A. Beaton

Thank you for the trapping and removal of the armadillos. I appreciate your efforts and am pleased to report that the problem is solved!!
S. Lebourn,
Sanford, Fl.

Thanks for all of the pictures. It looks like you did a great job. The critters don’t stand a chance of invading our home now.
Mr. & Mrs. Harroun
Ft. Myers, Fl.

I had a smell coming from under my house, and I started wading through the listings of trappers/removal specialists on the web. I got a number of quotes, from high to ridiculous. Dirk at Affordable Critter Solutions had a fair quote and one of his guys was able to come out the next day. He crawled under the house, pulled out the decomposed opossum that was causing the stink, cleaned up the area, and was on his way. It was very pleasant doing business with them.
Philip Fibeger
Orlando, Florida

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