Armadillo Trapping and Relocation

As Florida homeowners we know what it’s like to go outside in the morning and see fresh new holes and damaged landscape caused by local wildlife. Chances are pretty good the culprits are armadillos. Each type of animal is different when it comes to trapping. To trap armadillos, you almost must think like an armadillo! Since they only eat food they dig out of the ground, baiting the traps is optional. You literally have to get armadillos to just walk into the trap.

This is where experience comes into play. Armadillos are creatures of habit with very poor eyesight. They will typically move along a familiar path. An expert wildlife trapper will study the patterns of movement on your property and place the trap in the path they are most likely to travel. Once trapped the armadillo can be safely relocated far away from you.

If you have damage done to your yard and want to humanely relocate the wildlife, call Affordable Critter Solutions and schedule a visit from an experienced wildlife technician. 407-947-8982