Bats are the Earth’s Best Friend

The world without bats would be a much different place. In fact, bats are among the most important species of animal on the planet. Bats pollinate plants, eat insects that cause damage to agriculture and spread seeds that account for as much as 90% of new growth in some areas.

Bats that eat insects are called insectivorous but not all bats eat insects. Some species of bats are classified as frugivores. Frugivores eat mostly raw fruits, fruit-like vegetables, roots, nuts and seeds. Bats are intelligent, shy creatures. They are among the slowest animals when it comes to reproducing. Most species of bats give birth to only one pup per year.

Bat populations are in decline across North America and at least half of the bat species in the U.S. are listed as rare, threatened or endangered. For this reason, there are laws that protect bats when they roost in homes and attics. If you are experiencing troubles with bats, it’s important that you call someone familiar with these laws. Removing the bats from your home, cleaning up the damage left behind and sealing up all entry points each require training and experience to do the job correctly. Call the wildlife professionals at Affordable Critter Solutions if you have concerns with bats around your home. 407-947-8982