Caution, Bats are a Protected Species

Free-Tailed Bats Roosting
Free-Tailed Bats Roosting

Do you suspect you have bats roosting on your property? Did you know you cannot legally do anything to evict them right now because we are right in the middle of maternity season? Exclusions of bat colonies must wait until maternity season is over as babies are too young to fend for themselves. If we kick mom out of the attic, the babies will die up there causing a whole new set of problems. Dead, stinky bats in your attic.

Maternity season for bats starts April 16th and runs through August 14th.

Bats are an important part of our ecosystem. They pollinate plants and eat millions of insects every night. The value of all this insect eating is estimated to be in the billions of dollars to US Agriculture. That’s a lot of bugs.

Although it’s uncommon for bats to infect humans, they can carry rabies. Stay safe, never handle a bat for any reason.

If you have bats, don’t worry. Give us a call and we’ll do a free inspection now and get you on the schedule for humane exclusion services starting August 14th. We are Orlando’s family owned and operated Critter Removal Company. Call us at 407-947-8982 for any wildlife concerns.