DIY Wildlife Removal, Good Idea?

So, you have critters running around in your attic. You hear them scratching and clawing away at things up there. It’s a common problem we see every day. At this point you have a choice; call a professional wildlife removal technician for a free inspection and consultation or head to the local big-box hardware store and ask someone there what to do.

Here’s some really good reasons why it’s best to hire a local professional:

Professionals understand wildlife behavior

If you trap an animal and remove it, you may have just separated a mother from her babies. The babies will die causing you a new problem, really bad smells. At this point you must pay someone to find, remove and clean-up the mess.

We don’t use poison

If you poison the critters they will die. They will die either inside your walls or attic where they will start to rot, or they will die outside where predators such as owls or hawks will eat them and also get sick and die. Please don’t poison the critters.

We have the equipment needed

The mess left behind by critters is a biohazard. Improper handling of biohazards can make you, your family and your pets very sick.

We are construction experts

We know how to identify where the wildlife entered your home in the first place. We will expertly patch-up the holes leaving you as good as new.

We understand do-it-yourself projects and in some cases of residential maintenance it can be a good idea. Not so in wildlife removal though. We are Affordable Critter Solutions, a family owned business operating right here in Orlando. We have affordable in our name because we are. We don’t have the major overhead of the huge national chains; therefore, we can solve your problem for less. Call us today if you think you have a wildlife intruder in your home. We’ll come out, inspect and discuss your options with you. Our number is 407-947-8982. We look forward to serving you.