Keep Your Pets Safe From Wildlife

It might seem like a good idea to let pets interact with forest critters but it’s not. It is of vital importance that you do all you can to keep your pets away from wildlife.  Wildlife can expose your pet to parasites and disease.  

Rats, mice, moles, armadillos, raccoons and possums all present a risk to your pets through, rabies, ticks and fleas. They can spread leptospirosis and even tuberculosis. Nasty stuff.

Taking preventative measures such as removing any pet food containers from outside your home will help keep wildlife away. Also keep debris around your home to a minimum. If you have a problem with wildlife getting into your garbage cans you can purchase a wildlife proof container that will keep them out.

Never feed wildlife. Even feral cats can spread disease outside your home.

Of course, the threat to your pets is not limited to just outside your home. A wildlife invasion of your walls, attic, or crawl spaces can be even more risky.

Contact the family owned Critter removal company that will solve your wildlife problems and help keep your pets safe. Our experts will remove the problem wildlife, clean-up any damage they caused and take whatever measures necessary to keep them away. We are Affordable Critter Solutions and we are your local wildlife removal experts. Call 407-947-8982 and schedule an appointment today.