Orlando Rat Removal

Roof rats can be a real problem for homeowners in Central Florida. They cause enormous damage to their surroundings by gnawing and chewing their way through most any material. Roof rats are also excellent climbers which means if they want to find their way into your warm, cozy attic they probably will.

Along with the damage they cause to homes they also leave behind their mess which can carry disease. Watch for these signs in your home that could be evidence of a roof rat infestation:

  • Squeaking or scratching noises in the walls, primarily at night
  • Rodent droppings behind appliances or furniture, or in the attic, or on the ground around the home
  • Evidence of food bags and containers that have been chewed on.
  • Dirt and grease marks, on walls and floors where the rats commonly travel
  • Nests of pet fur, shredded paper, furniture stuffing or other soft materials
  • Chewed up, wet and disturbed insulation
  • Chew marks on ducts, electrical wires, in your attic or anywhere around your home

If you suspect you have wildlife that has invaded your attic it’s best to act right away and get the wildlife removed quickly. Call the professionals at Affordable Critter Solutions today to schedule your free inspection. 407-947-8982