Rancid Musky Odor?

What is that smell? It can be frustrating when something smells inside your home, but you are unable to find it. Often the first sign that you have a wildlife problem is when you notice a rancid, musky odor and can’t determine the source. There’s a good chance that smell could be an animal that has died in your attic, inside your walls, or in a crawl space under your house. Frankly, the smell won’t get better on its own. You need to contact a professional wildlife removal expert.

The Team at Affordable Critter Solutions will locate the carcass and remove it. We’ll then clean up and decontaminate the areas where the animal died. This will get rid of the smell.

Affordable Critter Solutions is a family owned and operated company located right here in Orlando Florida. If you have an odor that you are unable to identify coming from who knows where, call us and schedule a free inspection by one of our trained wildlife specialists.