Rats Found in Florida

There are three different types of rats commonly found in Florida. These rodents can invade your home looking for food or shelter and along with the damage they cause, they can become a danger to your health.

It’s important to remove the rats as quickly as possible in order to minimize their impact on your environment. Once removed their entry points must be sealed, and the damage they caused repaired.

The 3 common types of rats found in Florida are:

Roof Rats

Roof Rats are also referred to as Citrus Rats, Palm Rats and Black Rats. These rats will eat most anything, but they are mostly vegetarian. Roof Rats grow to as-long-as 8 – 10 inches. They are dark brown to black in color. If you have rats in your home or attic it is most commonly a Roof Rat.

Norway Rats

Norway Rats are among the most common rats found in the world. They are also called Brown Rats, Water Rats and Sewer Rats. They can grow up to almost a foot in overall length. Brown Rats are thought to have originated in China but can now be found on all continents except Antarctica. The fur of Norway Rats is course and brownish to dark grey. Their belly is lighter colored.  Brown Rats are omnivores and will eat pretty much anything.

Wood Rats

Wood Rats are most commonly found in North Florida. They are vegetarians that grow up to 14 inches in length. Wood Rats are also commonly referred to as Pack Rats because they tend to pack away small objects such as jewelry or other small objects in their nests. Wood Rats are mostly greyish with a lighter colored fur on the undersides.

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