Rats In Your Home?

There are three types of rats that can cause problems for homeowners in Central Florida, Roof Rats, Norway Rats and Wood Rats. There are similarities between these rats, but the most obvious similarity is the damage each can cause to your home and health.

Rats can severely damage your home as they chew through wiring, wood, drywall, ductwork and more. Even if you don’t come in direct contact with rats you, your family and your pets can still be at risk from the diseases they carry. Rats also carry fleas, ticks and mice that can spread disease.

Removing the rats from your home is only the first step in solving your problem. Once the rats are out, a professional wildlife removal expert will disinfect the area with solutions that will neutralize the danger. Next, all damage will be repaired and returned to new condition while any and all entry points are sealed up so rats can’t get back in.

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