Spring is the Time For Baby Raccoons!

Between January and around June Raccoons will often have their young, called kits. Although Raccoons sometimes gather in gender specific groups outside of mating season, the female will separate when it’s time to have her babies. Raccoons are opportunistic creatures and very clever. They look for anywhere they can safely make their nest and have their young. Sometimes this can be in crawl spaces or attics of our homes. This is where we come in. Affordable Critter Solutions will not only humanely remove the raccoons but will also clean up any mess left behind and will also replace soiled attic insulation and seal up all the entry points the raccoons used to gain entrance in the first place.

Orlando Wildlife Removal

Affordable Critter Solutions is a family owned and operated business serving all of Greater Orlando for over 10 years. Wildlife Removal and clean-up is our passion. We have the knowledge, resources and experience necessary to solve your wildlife control issues without the big overhead of the national companies. Call Affordable Critter Solutions today to schedule an inspection of your property if you think you have a raccoon, or any other wildlife issue. 407 947-8982