Squirrels Living in your Attic?

Are you hearing scratching or other strange noises coming from your attic? You might think you’re just hearing things, but chances are you’re got critters setting up residence inside your home. Squirrels are cute and we love to watch them play but trust us on this, they are a huge problem. Here’s why:

Squirrels Chew Wiring

Electrical wiring is running throughout your house to power all the different rooms. Many of these wires are inside your walls and in your attic. Squirrels are constantly chewing to grind their teeth down and often they will chew on your wiring. Along with the expense of replacing chewed wiring this can also start a fire.

Damage to the Outside of Your Home

Squirrels want a cozy, safe place to nest. They will gnaw through your siding or facia to get into your home. This damage must be professionally repaired.

Damage to Insulation

The proper amount and condition of your attic insulation is vital in keeping your power bills in check here in Florida. Squirrels leave a big mess behind and they will ruin your insulation.

Horrible Odors

The mess squirrels leave behind can smell really bad and make your home unbearable to live in. The longer the squirrels are in your home the worse and more expensive the problem will get.

Your Health

Squirrel droppings and decomposing bodies can cause a number of health risks to you, your family and your pets.

Orlando Squirrel Removal

Affordable Critter Solutions is a family owned business operating right here in Orlando Florida. Humane Wildlife Removal, proper clean-up and repair and sealing up entry points is how we serve the community. We have the experience and the resources to solve your wildlife intrusion problems without the huge overhead of the national chains. Call us today if you think you have a wildlife problem and you’d like a free home inspection and consultation. 407-947-8982