The Amazing Bat

Bats are not rats with wings, flying mice or any other rodent. They are mammals, and they are the only mammal that can fly. Bats are classified as Chiropterans, which means hand wing, as the bat’s wings have very similar bone and muscle structure as a human hand.

Bats have a remarkable way of finding food and getting around in the dark. They make a very loud sound, although because of the frequency we can’t hear it, that goes out into the night, then reflects off insects back to them. This is called echolocation and it creates a view of the world in front of them. With echolocation they can identify everything, from trees to insects.

Almost all bats in the United States feed on insects. A few bats in the southwest feed on plant pollen, nectar and fruit.
Bats found in the United States are generally small with wingspans of less than a foot. They often weigh less than an ounce and many are even smaller than that.

Orlando Bat removal

Most bats sleep or roost in caves or cave-like places such as bridges or abandoned buildings. They become a problem that needs to be solved when they take up residence in the attic of a home or business. This is when to call an Bat Removal Specialist. Bats can do an enormous amount of damage in a short period of time so if you think you may have bats living in your property call us and schedule a free inspection and consultation. Affordable Critter Solutions is a local, family owned and operated business working right here in Central Florida. We are wildlife removal experts with experience in residential and commercial construction. 407-947-8982