What is Nuisance Wildlife?

What Exactly is Nuisance Wildlife?

As most people know there are laws that protect our precious Florida Wildlife. Nuisance wildlife is defined by The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida Laws. It refers to an animal or animals exhibiting behavior that:

  • causes (or is about to cause) property damage,
  • presents a threat to public safety, or
  • causes an annoyance within, under or upon a building.

If you have wildlife such as rats, squirrels, bats, raccoons and possums that has invaded your attic, walls, crawl spaces or anywhere else inside of your home then your problem hits all 3 of those bullet points. This problem needs to be solved sooner rather than later and Affordable Critter Solutions has the experience and resources to remove nuisance wildlife quickly, professionally and affordably. We are a family owned and operated company working right here in Central Florida. Call 407-947-8982.