Wildlife and The Rainy Season

June is the rainy season in Orlando and rain chances in our sub-tropical paradise are even higher than average this month. Orlando typically gets around 7 ½ inches of rain in June, but we have already had 6 inches so far through half the month! It’s important that homeowners be on the lookout for wildlife looking for a dry place to nest. Crawl spaces, attics, inside roof tiles, inside walls and garages are great places to hide from the weather.

What can you do to help prevent critter invasions?

Regular inspections around your home: Look for damage in your eaves and elsewhere where critters have chewed an entrance. Also look for rub marks, soiled areas on your exterior walls where wildlife has squeezed through into your home.

Keep debris to a minimum. Clear weeds, yard waste and keep objects that wildlife can get into to a minimum around your home.

Keep garbage cans sealed. You can even purchase wildlife proof containers.

Don’t leave pet food outside where it can attract raccoons or other forest creatures.

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