Wildlife Entry Points


Have you discovered an opening in your home, under your roof tiles or in your eaves that looks like it could be used by wildlife to gain entry to your attic? If so, you want to be very careful about patching it up without first having your home inspected, you could be trapping critters up there that have already nested. The only thing worse than critters nesting in your attic is the smell of dead critters rotting in your attic.

Depending on the animal that died up there, any number of diseases could be present around the carcass, professional clean-up and disinfecting is required to minimize risk of exposure.

If you have spotted an opening that could be used by wildlife to enter your home, call Affordable Critter Solutions. We are a family owned and operated company located right here in Orlando. We’ll do a thorough inspection of your home, humanely remove any wildlife that are present, clean-up the mess they made, repair any damage they caused and seal up all entry points that allowed them up there in the first place. Our wildlife technicians are standing by, ready to provide a free inspection and consultation. Call 407-947-8982 to schedule service.