Wildlife Intrusion Facts

We’re all fond of wildlife. Whether it’s watching squirrels chase each other through the trees or seeing raccoons in a natural setting it’s something we all enjoy. The fun stops when these critters start invading your living spaces. Under your deck, in your walls or attic, or in the back of your garage is no place for these animals. But why? What’s wrong with helping wildlife out by giving them a place to nest? Here’s some wildlife facts you should know:

  • Wild animals carry disease that can be harmful to people and their pets. The diseases are spread through urine, feces and parasites that bite them, then bite you. Yuck.
  • They chew holes in your walls, eaves and attic. This damage can be expensive to repair.
  • Rodents chew electrical wiring. Yes, and this causes house fires regularly. Up to 40% of all house fires are caused by rodents chewing through electric wires.
  • They will mess up your home’s insulation. As they travel on the insulation or leave their waste on it, it gets matted down causing it to lose its insulating powers. This means higher electrical bills for you.


If wildlife has taken up residence in or around your living spaces this is no time to play hero. Climbing ladders, poking around in an attic, confronting wildlife face to face and mucking around in their filth is dangerous for you and your loved ones. Don’t go it alone. Call the family owned and operated wildlife removal experts at Affordable Critter Solutions. We’ll have a trained, experienced technician out to you quickly and your furry problems well taken care of. Call 407-947-8982 to schedule an appointment.