The bats in Florida are generally kind natured critters, that have their draw backs living in your attic or barn.As a critter they are known to carry – diseases and rabies. They are nocturnal animals that show up at late evening and early morning hours. Bats roosting in a Florida attic can be a problem for homeowners.A bat colony in your home can mean respiratory problems for your loved one’s and you. The droppings will bring in other insects.The smell and abrasive factor of the droppings on drywall are damaging the future value of your home. Just having bats as unwanted guest, using YOUR attic or barn as their living space.  The nest building causes structural damage, wirings problems, wood damage and after that water leaks. Calling ACS will insure that your attic or barn is cleared of any Florida bat or bat colonies. Calling Affordable Critter Solutions will insure that the removal of bats will be moved to a location that suits both you and the bat or colony of bats. We do not harm the critters. We relocate the unwanted guest to new locations.