Orlando Raccoon Removal

Raccoon populations have been steadily increasing in urban areas over the decades often resulting in conflicts with property owners. If you have seen signs of raccoons around your property, a wildlife professional will determine what is drawing them to you. Neighbors feeding raccoons or leaving pet food containers outside contribute greatly to wildlife issues in a neighborhood.

Overturned trash cans and gardens stripped of fruit and vegetables can be a nuisance to homeowners, but damage caused by raccoons can be far more extensive. Once a female raccoon has set up her den inside your walls or attic, fast action must be taken to minimize contamination from their waste. Although raccoons are commonly associated with rabies a far more serious threat exists from droppings.

It is imperative that professional wildlife experts are employed to clean up after raccoons have been eliminated, as their waste can contain a parasitic-worms, fungal spores and other contaminates.

Along with the disease they spread raccoons are threats in other ways:

  • They can carry rabies that pose a danger to humans and their pets.
  • They often carry dangerous parasites such as mites, ticks and fleas
  • They cause damage to structures by tearing and clawing to make entry points and then building their den
  • Their body oil, droppings and urine leaves a terribly bad odor that can attract other raccoons

The first step in solving a raccoon problem inside your home is to remove them and the dens they created. Affordable Critter Solutions does this humanely and effectively. The next step is sealing up entry points in walls, roof or eaves of your home. Now the work of cleaning and decontaminating can begin. Once finished, you’re all set!

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